Shared IP Vs Dedicated IP: Which One To Choose?

Shared IP Vs Dedicated IP: Which One To Choose?

If you want to use the internet to conduct business, IP addresses are crucial. You need a domain name that functions as an IP address, which serves as your site’s actual address, in order to establish a website on the internet.

Generally, we prefer using domain names like “” rather than lengthy integers like “” When you engage in any online activity, the web recognizes your IP address and sends you the information.

However, there are two choices accessible when discussing IP addresses: shared IP and dedicated IP. Let’s examine each of them separately.

What Is Shared IP Address?

A single server houses numerous websites under a shared IP address. Instead of giving each website a distinct IP address, it behaves as a common string that is connected to a large number of websites.

In this situation, a decision made by the owner of one website may have an impact on other websites as well. Additionally, the other mail servers will be affected if that IP address is blacklisted or prohibited for spamming.

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What Is A dedicated IP Address?

You might have inferred from the name that a dedicated IP address is a particular address that is assigned to each internet-connected website.

Each website is able to be hosted on the IP address that is given to your domain name thanks to this feature. Therefore, you will be led to the website domain name when you type the dedicated IP address into the browser.

The performance of your website is improved even during periods of high traffic volume when using a dedicated IP address. During domain propagation, you can simply access your accounts using FTP or the web.

Most websites that conduct business online or receive a lot of traffic have dedicated IP addresses. Only the dedicated address may be used with an SSL certificate on a site and hosting account.

For websites that handle the payment process independently and without using a third party, a dedicated address is required.

Which IP address type is the greatest option for the performance and security of websites?

For optimal website speed, both shared and dedicated IP addresses are excellent options. But if there are security concerns, you should first inquire with the provider about whether he would give you access to independent resources before purchasing shared IP.

You can use dedicated resources for shared IP addresses with some providers. If that’s not the case, we advise selecting a dedicated IP address while keeping website security in mind.

IP Address Effects On SEO

Your SEO won’t suffer if your website isn’t impacted by other spam, regardless of your IP address. However, if your website is using a shared IP address that is compromised by spam or a virus brought on by another website, your website will also suffer.

Always utilize original content that cannot be compared to other websites to prevent the impact of IP address on SEO.

Advantages Of Shared Address Are :

(i) Shared IP address may be an excellent option for you if you are a seasonal mailer who just sometimes sends mail to your clients or consumers. Unlike a dedicated IP address, a shared address does not require annual warming up.

(ii) Shared IP addresses are a good option if you’re on a tight budget because they’re affordable.

(iii) By employing shared addresses, small-volume mailers can build a reputation and a track record with mailbox providers.

Advantages of Dedicated IP address are :

(i) High Stability – The dedicated address is unaffected by other people’s actions and may therefore manage your website’s reputation. On the other hand, harmful acts carried out on a different website that uses the same shared address might quickly affect a shared address. In this scenario, you are forced to suffer, and the website’s downtime in search engine results hurts your reputation and costs you money.

(ii) Less downtime – The amount of downtime is dependent on the server and the dedicated IP address that enables access to the server without modifying the DNS setting.

Even when your IP address is renewed, there is a chance that the server will experience some downtime; however, with a dedicated address, the same address is utilized each time, eliminating any unwelcome downtime.

Few people using shared addresses may experience sluggish website loading as a result of the sharing feature’s consumption of the server’s RAM. However, utilizing a dedicated address provides reliable and quick page loading.

(iii) SSL Security – As was mentioned above, in order to prevent any breaches in online security and delayed website loading, e-commerce websites must have an SSL certificate and dedicated IP address.

The data that is transported between a website and a server is protected by an SSL certificate. Users can enter their login information on a website that uses SSL protocol without worrying about data leaking.

You can handle heavy traffic websites while providing services to consumers and visitors thanks to the dedicated IP address.

(iv) Email blocking is not a concern.

Emails associated with a shared address that is banned as a result of spamming activities carried out on an IP address are also blocked. While a dedicated address prevents your email service from being blacklisted and prevents spam filters from classifying your email as such.

Final Verdict

Comparing shared and dedicated IP addresses shows that choosing a dedicated address is always preferable to a shared one because of its advantages.

The personalized address gives your company a distinctive business identity by setting it apart from the competition.

You can start with a shared address if your budget is tight, but as your company expands, be sure to move it to a dedicated address.

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