Best Hosting For Small Business Website

Best Hosting for Small Business Website


Have you made up your mind to take your business online?

If yes, then ” It’s Awesome”

The online presence of your business can help you to grab more audience of your choice.

And, In the 21st Century, If you want to skyrocket your business. Then, it is very important to take your business online.

No matter in what industry you are! You are a blogger, You are a web developer, or you owned an e-commerce store.

Even, if you come under any category, you need these two things which are Domain Name and Hosting. These two things will help you in bringing your business on the internet.

I know you are a little bit confused about those two terms- ‘Domain’ and ‘Hosting’ but you don’t have to worry because we are here to understand you better.

So, let’s see what do these two terms means.

1. What Is Domain Name?

If I try to understand you in very simple terms that what domain name actually is.

Then, domain refers to a unique address of your website in the form of alphabetical or numerical order.

Let’s try to understand this term in more easy language.

Suppose, Let’s say you have a shop and you have to name it, then the name that is there is the domain of the shop.

For Example-

We think that now this term will be clear to you easily,


So, let’s move towards our next topic.

2. What Is Web Hosting?

So according to the easiest way I can understand.

Web hosting is a service or any place where you store your website data.

Let us also try to understand this with domain name example.

Let’s say now you have the name of the shop, but everything cannot be done with the name of the shop, nor for that, you need a real shop on which you can keep your goods and services and attract the customers towards you.

So, that is the main work of hosting too.

Hosting stores your data inside computers or severs and whenever someone search your domain name on the internet, then the data of hosting itself is sent to your customer in the form of information.

I hope you have understood this very well

And now you must be thinking that how does all this work?

So let’s remove this problem from your mind.

3. How Does Web Hosting Work?

Web host companies rent out their services and technologies to there customers.

Once, your website hosted on hosting company. Now, your business is live on the Internet.

And, everyone can see it by typing your domain name on your phone’s browser.

When your website hosted on hosting company, Now the main work of the hosting company is to save your data and storage which you created on your website.

Sounds, Cool!

So now let’s go ahead.

4. What To Look For In A Web Host?

When you are purchasing hosting, there are some features on which you have to pay your utmost attention.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or big.

All these features given below are very crucial for your business.

  • Security Of Your Website (SSL)
  • Pre-installed Aps
  • Customer Service
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Website Loading Speed
  • Guaranteed Uptime And High Availability

Well, If you permit me to choose the best features from the above, I would say

  1. Customer Service
  2. Website Loading Speed
  3. Security Of Your Website

A lot of technical issues keep coming in a website and you people are not even capable enough to solve all those issues by yourself.

In such a situation, you need a reliable customer service executive who can solve all your problems so that there is no interruption in your business.

And you can easily take your business forward.

The second very important feature is your website loading speed.

If your website does not have a good enough speed, then your customers may have a lot of difficulty in opening your website.

Hence, your audience won’t stick with your website and that won’t be good for your business at all.

The third most important feature for your website is security.

Security is very important for anything and this is your business, then it is a must to have security because there are many hackers on the Internet.

If you do not do security (SSL) in your business, then there are many chances that your business will be hacked by someone else.

So let’s go ahead and understand the types of hosting as well.

5. What Are The Different Types Of Hosting?

There are 5 different kinds of hosting.

  1. Shared Hosting- Domainracer
  2. VPS Hosting- Bluehost
  3. WordPress Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting
  5. Dedicated Hosting

Each hosting type has its own space as to how many visitors it can handle for your business.

In the beginning, you can host your small business on shared hosting.

Then later, seeing the growing audience of your business, you can easily shift your business to a big level of hosting.

Let’s Talk about all hosting one by one.

1. Shared Hosting

As the name suggests shared hosting that this hosting will have to be shared with all other small businesses like you.

There are there are limited space available on this hosting.

Let me give you an easiest example to understand the concept.

Let’s imagine you are attending a live concert in your city and here you find a lot of crowd in a same place and very limited space.

The same thing happens even with shared hosting, there are more customers and less space.

According to HostPapa (Host provider company), a shared hosting plan can handle over the 100,000 visitors per month on average basis.

off course, it is a lot of traffic that your website can handle and it is the good plan too.

Believe me, all I will say is this will be a good start for you business.

2. VPS Hosting

Next on our list is Back Hosting.

VPS stands for virtual Private Server.

So, what is the meaning of VPS hosting?

Let’s understand this also in easy language for you.

Imagine, you have a house in a colony and half portion of your house is on rent.

This means that whatever your tenant does in his share of the house, it will not be a problem for you.

Same goes with VPS hosting too.

Did you understand?

Of course, Yes

In VPS hosting you got your own dedicated server and also your website can handle more traffic and perform better.

If the space is more and the visitors capacity will increase then the price will also increase a bit.

3. WordPress Hosting

Next on our list is WordPress hosting which is trusted by many and is also very affordable for pocket.

wordpress hosting

WordPress hosting is a hosting designed and optimized for WordPress website for speed, performance, reliability and security.

WordPress hosting offers simple one-click WordPress installation and easy migration of your site.

According to there are over 455 millions websites are hosted on WordPress.

That is huge.

Also, if you run any type of business or you are a blogger than this type of hosting will perfectly suits you.

4. Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting here your hosting is also on cloud.

What does hosting mean on cloud? I do not understand anything!

Well, think this way…

You pay your phone bill only when you talk with someone on phone, but unfortunately there is no rollover minutes lol.

This is the best type of hosting when you are driving tons of traffic on your site.

The cloud stores multiples copy on the server.

If your site gets affected by any technical issue than you redirect your traffic in very easy manner.

5. Dedicated Hosting

Last in our list is dedicated hosting which is the best hosting server ever.

From the name it also identifies this is only for a single user.

Let’s clear this with example.

Suppose, if you have a 3 BHK flat in any building.

You can live in your own house with a freedom, you can do whatever you want to do because it is your home.

Same thing happens with cloud hosting as well, you get your own personal server.

If you look, you get total control of the server and good flexibility in it.

Many people dream of using this server because it is very fast, secure, reliable and performs well.

Let’s wrap up all this and move towards our main topic where we will tell you about Best Hosting For Small Business Website.

Best Hosting For Small Business Website In 2022

Ok so finally the part has come for which you searched on the Internet.

Best Hosting For Small Business Website.

How To See Which Hosting Is Best For Our Small Businesses?

Ok, so the very first thing you need to decide is which of the hosting fits your pockets and is best for your business.

As a recommendation, if you are new to this type of business.

Then you have to go with shared hosting plan.

Because it is the very best plan and beginner-friendly too.

And, to choose a theest host providethenan I will recommend Hostinger.

Hostinger offers the best price, Excellent loading speed, And the best customer support in the industry.

I am using hostinger for my own business since last 5 years and trust me till now i have not faced any problem.

Well, if you have decided to go with Hostinger, then I will give you a simple tutorial on how to go to Hostinger. And, how you can make your business live on the internet in a pinch of time by visiting to Hostinger.

Let’s go and follow these steps very attentively.

Step.1- Go To The Hostinger

After going to the, you will see window like this.

Click on get started

2. Select The Plan for Your Site

You have to go with this plan.

As this plan is offering many features in just $2.99 Per Month.

3. Choose A Period

After you click on select, you will automatically redirected to the order page.

Now you can understand by looking at the image given below that there are 4 different types to choose your hosting.

We will suggest you that the more time you purchase hosting, the more you will benefit.

4. Create Your Account

To go ahead you have to create your account first so that you will not face any problem.

Now, the signup process will begin!

Where you have to put your username and password and register yourself for next time when you log in.

After that, when you visit website.

You will need to enter your login ID and password to access it.

5. Choose Your Payment Method

So now it’s time to start something big.

Here you have to select your payment option from which you would like to make payment.

The best thing about Hostinger is that it gives you 30 days money back guarantee.

You can also ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with their service.

If you want to get some discount on your money then you can also get instant 10% discount by using this discount coupon.

6. Confirm Order

After making the payment, you will get a verification mail, by clicking on the link of that mail, you have to get your account verified.


Congratulations!!! Your Websites Has Been Created.

Now, what you have to do is log in to hPanel and install WordPress on your website.

Remember to save your Username and password they provide you because you will need it every time you want to log in your dashboard.

You can change your login credentials whenever you want.

After your WordPress installation is finished install WordPress theme on it and start creating content for your business.

Final Verdict


You have purchased a hosting for your business. Now, your business runs smoothly without any obstruction.

Through this amazing article (Best Hosting For Small Business Website) we have cleared all your doubts like-

  1. What Is Domain Name?
  2. What Is Hosting?
  3. How Does Web Hosting Work?
  4. What Are The Different Types Of Hosting?

We hope you enjoyed our content and the whole content was beneficial for you.

Share the article with your friends. So, also they can enjoy the post and start there first website today.

We As A Team Helping Small Entrepreneurs To Take There Business Online.

And Sharing The Stuff That Will Helps To Strengthen the Business

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